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15 August 2011 @ 01:42 pm
Legacy scenes!  
I went looking for the scene with Gamlen from the Legacy dlc and came across some other videos that I'd never seen before, including one that made me nearly cry. Guh, I love this dlc so much.

Oh...my god...this was probably the cutest damn thing ever, and it made me get all teary. It's such a great family moment, and the fact that Carver had a jig...that he used to cheer people up...UGH CARVER. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Why did I not know about this? (oh right, because I have that strict "only choose the blue dialogue options" policy when it comes to Bethany XD)

And here it is with fHawke ♥

Heeeeeee more mHawke/Beth talk ♥ ...Talking about Carver. I HAVE A NEW THING THAT I LOVE A WHOLE BUNCH.

............................... ;_________________________________;

CARVER YOU ARE THE CUTEST STORYTELLER EVER. And your snarking about Garrett meeting Anders. You are my favourite. Always. ♥ BUT STILL THE ENDING. WHERE GARRETT PRACTICALLY LOOKS LIKE A BERATED PUPPY BECAUSE HE SEES HIS MUMMY SO SAD. Ugh. My heart. *cries some more*

I need to replay this DLC now. ;o;
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